Turkey’s president warned the Shiite militia may not injure the Turkmen people jodie foster

Turkey’s president warned the Shiite militia may not injure Turkmen President of Turkey to the original title: Turkmen "head" in Syria near the Iraqi border hassakeh Province, displaced Iraqi refugees and refugees in Syria fighting for the purchase of food and water. Xinhua Reuters the Shiite militia appeared in Mosul by the Iran battlefield support, a Shiite Iraqi government approved militia troops sent thousands of people to open up a new front in the west of Mosul, trying to cut off the extremist organization Islamic state fled to Syria route. The move affects the nerves of stakeholders, including Turkey, Iraq’s neighbors. Turkey’s president rejep Tayyip Erdogan · · El warned in October 30th that if the Iraqi Shiite militia to recover Mosul in western villages when harm local Turkmen residents, Turkey will respond. Turkmen and Turks what relation? Turkmen minority in Iraq, mainly in northern Iraq and Turkey border area. The soil of the Turks who belong to the Turkic Cuman lineage, there are countless in language, historical and cultural links. Turkey has been regarded as ethnic Turkmen close relatives, often for Iraq and Syria people "s turkmenistan". Shiite militia in Iraq, the people’s mobilization Organization officially joined the battle of Mosul in October 29th, is 55 kilometers west of Mosul, Taylor A Phil. Taylor A Phil is close to the border with Turkey, Shiite Arabs and Turkmen region, 2014 fall into the hands of the Islamic state. Turkey’s Anatolia news agency reported, said El’s interview with the media, Turkey is paying close attention to the Iraqi Shiite militia act, to protect the interests of the people of turkmenistan. El has said: "Taylor A Phil is a whole Turkmen town. If the "people’s mobilization" is spreading terror here, we will certainly take a different response." But he did not elaborate on how the earth will respond. Turkey’s foreign minister May J Lui Te · cavusoglu previously warned Iraqi Shiite militias to stop. "". He said at the time, Turkey is ready to take the necessary measures to prevent the Shiite militia violence. Turkey now in Mosul near the Baxijia unmanning hundreds of people, the name is to train local Sunni militants against the Islamic state". The Iraqi side think that this is a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of Iraq, repeatedly asked the earthwork withdrawal failed. Turkey has repeatedly expressed its willingness to join the battle of Mosul, claiming that the earth without the consent of any person, but so far by the soldiers did not move. Worry not without reason? According to the Agence France-Presse said, Iraqi Shiite militias in the past to provoke sectarian and ethnic conflict misdeeds, had done to the whole village such atrocities. Shiite militia claimed that their goal is to recover the Shiite site, will not enter the city of Mosul. The history of Mosul and the surrounding area has been the Sunni Arab world, only a few villages and towns are Shia Arabs, Turkmen 2相关的主题文章:

Han brothers listed 150 thousand turbo SUV contrast – People’s car – People’s network didadi

Korean brothers listed   150 thousand turbocharged small SUV contrast people.com.cn car — people.com.cn original title: Korean brothers listed 150 thousand turbocharged small SUV contrast Objective: the full name of SUV is Sport Utility Vehicle, mean SUVs. Compared with general household car, SUV car can not only retain the maximum comfort, also has better driving vision and more spacious head space and a more powerful pavement performance, to better meet the demand for diversified people. Thanks to these advantages, more and more consumers choose to buy a medium-sized SUV as the main vehicle of the family of three. But for many young people just graduated from the campus, into the workplace, the higher the price of medium SUV, it is difficult for them to bear. In addition, for single people or a family of two, medium-sized SUV large space in the back and not their special care for themselves — don’t care too much about the selling point, but money is not worth it. In order to meet the needs of this part of the car, many car manufacturers have introduced a lower price, smaller size of small SUV. Compared to medium-sized SUV, small SUV can not only satisfy people’s daily travel city, but also retain the larger head space. In addition, due to the smaller body size and lightweight, small SUV often equipped with small displacement turbocharged engine, not only has a better performance in terms of fuel consumption, but also can enjoy the purchase tax cut policy, which has a higher price. In September this year, two car manufacturers from South Korea KIA and Hyundai, were launched models — KX3 and ix25 belong to small SUV, inject more fresh blood into the small SUV market competition. So these two cars in the end what kind of performance? In order to find out the answer to the question, we found the market on a high degree of concern about angkola and C3-XR and their comprehensive comparison, look at these four cars whose comprehensive strength is stronger. Price comparison model name MSRP (million) 2017 Dongfeng Yueda 1.6T KIA KX3 DCT proud of Ya edition 15.282016 Beijing ix25 1.6T modern DCT intelligent GLS 15.582016 SAIC Buick angkola 18T automatic two drive city of fashion 15.592015 Dongfeng Citroen C3-XR 1.6THP automatic 15.38 pioneer type love card network tab to make the comparison we are more fair, selected manufacturers four models in the guide price of similar cars were compared, they were 2017 Dongfeng Yueda KIA KX3 1.6T DCT proud of Ya version, 2016 Beijing ix25 1.6T modern DCT intelligent GLS, 2016 SAIC Buick ang Cara 18T automatic two drive type and 2015 Dongfeng fashion city Citroen C3-XR 1.6THP automatic pioneer type. Appearance contrast相关的主题文章:

Children can not sleep well Most likely this is why – Sohu ricky lee neely

Children can not sleep well? Is most likely the reason – the Sohu author | geosofia a child asked his mother: my son is 5 years old, he has been a headache problem I sleep. In order to let him sleep well, roared over and scolded too, what methods are used and no effect. My child is a big hand, almost no separation. I have to sleep, wake up can not see I will be upset, or will lose their temper. In a word I am out of the room he can’t sleep well, sleep well. I have a headache this housing problem. For example, he is sleeping now, I want to go back to her husband’s room to sleep, but worried that he woke up in the middle of the night and found that I was not. I have almost every day with him, said, "I love you, will not leave you," and so on, I hope to give him a sense of security, the results of the past six months seems to be a little effective. But he still sticks to me. Recently wanted to deliberately keep distance with him, as a result, he went to the night more sticky people. What am I to do? What I want to say is that sleep, this is the most instinctive needs of everyone, not just children. This instinct is like hungry to eat, thirsty to drink water as simple. However, the child’s sleep, how to become such a headache? As my mother said, "in order to let him sleep well, roared over and scolded too, what methods are used and no effect." Obviously, sleep this matter, is no longer a natural, the child spontaneously to do. It follows "roar", with "scold", with "adult anxiety" linked together. Children every night, with a lot of stress, anxiety, fear and other emotions, as well as the tension between the mother to sleep, it is difficult to have a good sleep. People who have had insomnia experience should know that the terrible is not insomnia, but the fear of insomnia, because it will be more sleep. So, first of all, the mother needs to try to "sleep" this thing, put a. Try to sleep back to the child. It’s hard to fall asleep. Sleep lightly, let him shallow. Can not guarantee that the child’s sleep immediately improved, but at least to spontaneous, relaxed sleep state regression. Sleep is a biological instinct, but it is the most difficult thing for parents to see. In this case, there is an important person who has been absent. The child is too sticky mother, with dad involved in parenting too little about. From birth onwards, the maternal mothers body is gradually awakened. In a very long time, the mother and the children are inseparable. This symbiotic relationship is like love. The initial security of a small child is certainly very beneficial. However, one has to stick to mother, and mother to sleep much older children are often less willing to children. Their independence and personality will be greatly affected. The role of the father, is to love the mother and child separation. This "work" should start at the age of 1 and a half to about the age of 2. Lack of father’s participation, the mother and the child’s emotional concentration will be too high, naturally a lot of problems appear. Children’s independence and personality growth -相关的主题文章:

Jinshan coal mine accident has been foreshadowed 嘿嘿taxi

Jinshan coal mine accident has foreshadowed the afternoon of November 1st, after the rescue, "10.31" Chongqing city gas explosion accident in Yongchuan Jinshan coal mine area, has found the bodies of 18 miners killed, and 15 miners missing. The lesson of blood again, behind every coal mine accidents, the total can not forgive the man. Jinshan coal mine gas explosion accident, did not escape the black law according to the deputy director of the State Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau of Guangxi to protect that the cause of the accident is caused by cross-border exploitation of coal mine, the existence of illegal phenomenon in the safety management of production safety. According to the survey, the coal mine production area of cross-border mining construction began in November 2014, illegal mining area from February 2015 to April 2016 to stop production. In May 2016, the resumption of production, continue to carry out illegal cross-border exploitation. In other words, it happened one or two years ago. Perhaps it is because of the delay of the mine personnel responsible for the accident, to resume production, to cross-border exploitation, until the incident. 18 miners have been killed, meaning that the 18 families have been broken. 15 miners missing, can escape death coerced? Not optimistic. In the past two years, coal mine accidents seemed less, but not disappeared. Jinshangou incident once again reminds us that the coal mine accident did not disappear, security alarm must sound. Also in Chongqing, more than two years ago, Yan Shitai coal mine major gas explosion, killing 22 people were killed and 7 injured. Relevant departments found that this is a liability accident. After more than two years, Chongqing coal mine accident reconstruction, the need is not condemned the lessons of the miners, they ignore the rules, disregard for human life. In addition to this? It can be seen from the report that the coal mine safety in production, safety management, there are violations of the law, the underground safety facilities and equipment is not perfect, not perfect, ventilation system is not reasonable, safety management confusion. The chaos, the real regulators do to the regulatory responsibility of it? There is a detail of the mine, according to a three card complete. So many questions, why can three according to a certificate? Of course, regulators can not find all the problems. In particular, the mine managers to take the manufacture of false drawings, false information and other means to avoid inspection, regulators will inevitably be fooled. It also reminds regulators should enhance the level in every law enforcement supervision, tempers the piercing eye. It is worth mentioning that, on the same day, the national production safety supervision and control system advanced collective and advanced workers commended the General Assembly held in Beijing. Xi Jinping stressed that the red line consciousness of safety supervisory departments at all levels should firmly establish the development must not be at the expense of security, to adhere to the party with responsibility, a pair of responsibility, and make concerted efforts, dereliction of responsibility, strictly implement the responsibility for production safety". Although Jinshan coal mine is a private coal mine, does not mean that the system can be ignored constraints. At the same time, the regulatory authorities have the responsibility to fulfill regulatory responsibilities in accordance with the law, but not the slightest slack. After the accident, Chongqing requires all coal mines immediately stop production, a comprehensive investigation of security risks. It is not a sure card full production rules, let fall, let the fear of human heart in charge of coal mine supervision consciousness rooted from the siege of angry, constantly breakthrough, prevention.相关的主题文章:

110 million Wan Qingliang bribes him with nearly half are still All is well. x3210

110 million Wan Qingliang bribes him with nearly half are still at the Resort Entrance arch All is well., wrote the gilded "Jingming tea garden" four characters. The final photo by Wang Yang Hu star for accepting bribes was sentenced to life imprisonment, Chen Zhenggui due to bribery and bribery crimes on a sentence of 18 years, but the "bribery champion Chen Zuyuan bribery case like" no echo, no news. 8 years later, Chen Zuyuan returned to public view, in 2015 the court of the Guangdong Provincial Committee and party secretary of Guangzhou Wan Qingliang bribery case, 15 units and individuals involved, Chen Zuyuan again to 50 million yuan bribe amount ranked first, accounted for nearly half of the total Wan Qingliang bribery law Weekend reporter Wang Yang in many Chinese the private enterprises in Shenzhen City, Anyuan Investment Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen Anyuan) is unknown. But Chen Zuyuan, chairman of Shenzhen, Anyuan, because of a series of cases, but also fame outside. As early as 2007, Yunnan Provincial Communications Department deputy director Hu Xing bribery case, Chen Zuyuan to 32 million yuan in bribes, 12 units and individuals involved in ranked first, accounted for 80% of the total Hu Xing bribery, local media "Yunnan Legal Daily" quoted sayings dubbed Chen Zuyuan as "champion of bribery". At the same time, Chen Zuyuan for the same project, but also to the Kunming Urban Construction Investment Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Kunming city investment), former general manager of Chen Zhenggui bribery 6 million Hong Kong dollars. Hu star eventually accepting bribes was sentenced to life imprisonment, Chen Zhenggui due to bribery and bribery crimes on a sentence of 18 years, but the "bribery bribery case as the" champion "is missing, no echo.". 8 years later, Chen Zuyuan returned to public view, in 2015 the court of the Guangdong Provincial Committee and party secretary of Guangzhou Wan Qingliang bribery case, 15 units and individuals involved, Chen Zuyuan again to 50 million yuan bribe amount ranked first, accounting for nearly half of the total amount of bribes to Wan Qingliang. The Secretary said the Supreme People’s Procuratorate anti corruption Bureau Xu Jinhui before the anti-corruption department will intensify efforts to punish bribery, promote clean government and anti-corruption struggle in depth. The central committee member Zhou Xinsheng proposed, "to establish a good relationship between government and business, the fight against corrupt officials, the bribery punishment is necessary". On March 13, 2016, Zhou Qiang, President of the Supreme People’s court, said in his work report at the four session of the National People’s Congress of the people’s Republic of China, in 2015, the courts at all levels increased their efforts to crack down on the crime of bribery and sentenced the criminal to a total of 2495 people on. However, Chen Zuyuan two times the amount of bribery are particularly large, but always keep the official attitude carefully conceal mentioning. For one reason, the rule of law Weekend reporter visited Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong and other places to interview, but the criminal liability of Chen family travel bribery case, is still whirling. In my hometown where the big investment in Jieyang City Guangdong Province, belongs to the undeveloped area in the history of Guangdong. Jiexi County, Guangdong City, Jieyang, is located in the west of Jieyang named after. Earlier media reports: Chen Zuyuan was born in 1962 in Jiexi County, 1987 in Jiexi Construction Committee, former Jiexi 7相关的主题文章: